April 23, 2017: Favorite Poem Project Community Reading

Community leaders and members from Katonah and beyond will take their place at the microphone to read a favorite poem. This will be a free, family-friendly event at the Katonah Village Library in honor of National Poetry Month and the 50th Anniversary of KPS. If weather permits the reading will take place outside on the corner patio in front of the portico, for all to hear!

Featuring Town Supervisor Chris Burdick, singer-songwriter Sloan Wainwright, actor puppeteer Peter Linz, singer-songwriter Marc Black and perhaps… you?! Please join us to celebrate community and culture.

If you’re interested in reading a favorite poem (not your own, but published and family friendly), please contact Mary Kane, Director, Katonah Village Library. 914-232-3508 or e-mail mkane@wlsmail.org