KPS Literati

KPS “Literati” are benefactors who have supported Katonah Poetry Series with donations of $50 or more (apart from membership purchases) in the past year. Please see our Donations page for ways you can contribute.

Lorraine Ash
Michael Austin
Donna Barkman
Scott Brooks
Chris Chalk
Lisa Colby
Susan DeWulf
Gregory Djanikian
Leslie Gerber
Myrna and Jennifer Goodman
Cathy Hoffman
Donna Knoth
Mrs. Donnie Kravitz
Anne Lloyd
Michael Lombardi
John Marx
Scott Mason
Elizabeth Mayer
Christine Meyer
Mary Neumann
Daniel Preniszni
Lawrence Raab
Phyllis Ross
Karen Sabath
Rachel Sheinkin
Moira Thielking
Jim Tilley and Deborah Schneider
Susan Walton